Make Light of the Darkness

darkness noun \ dahrk-nis

: (4) lack of knowledge or enlightenment

luminous adjective \ loo-muh-nuhs

:(3) brilliant intellectually; enlightened or enlightening, as a writer or a writer’s works


I spent a lot of time in darkness, cloaked in fear choosing to be there simply because I didn’t believe in my own light. I had forgotten that this awesome beautiful light that God placed inside of me was capable of illuminating even the darkest spaces/moments.

I will remind you as I have been reminded: When darkness descends that is when your light is the strongest. That is when other lights will emerge as if from nowhere to enLIGHTen your path providing exactly what the Creator knew you needed while preparing you to do the same for another when the time comes. There in the darkness is where you earn your wisdom, strength, patience, and courage. There in the darkness is where spiritual muscle is built. Our light makes the lessons of the darkness clear. So open your heart, look for the illumination and believe in your own.

We must not fear the darkness because we are luminous.


*All definitions courtesy of   I ♥ the dictionary.

*Second photo courtesy of


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