less is more

… comfortable being a nobody because it really isn’t about me…

i am no queen – simply here to serve…

the more i learn the more i realize i must keep learning

grateful for the opportunity

no beating myself up for what i didn’t know and the mistakes i’ve made

just learning and growing

there is more

more to learn

more to let go (yes -you negative feelings- be out- thanks)

more to forgive (everyone and everything on repeat- and forgive me too- please (?))

more to be grateful for (moment to moment)

more to turn away from (help me Jesus – homies keep me accountable)

more patience to practice (deep breathes and slow walks)

more grace to pray for (thank you kindly)

more behaviors to let go

more behaviors to nurture

It’s a lot

But there is heavenly help and earthly support

For this i am grateful -thank you

Comfortable being nobody

maybe because i’m God’s somebody

here to serve

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