Reading: The Path to Love by Deepak Chopra

I never finished this book- actually threw it against a wall about 2 and a half years ago.

The memory of this makes me laugh.

Now, being in a more receptive place these words feel like honey soothing my soul.

The path to love begins with self.

Ten times for Uncle Deepak.

Learning and unlearning we set the intention to love – egolessly.

Let’s get it.


Rusty Simplicity

The rusty metal of the hanger seemed to beg for embellishment or at least that’s what I told myself.

Faux flowers

Green wire

Strong shears

I cut, wrap, and rework, remembering how my mom used to make wreaths for holidays and as gifts.

Moments like this one connect me to her in a positive way. I laugh to myself and thank God for the opportunity to see her from a different perspective, past, and present.

Faux flowers

Green wire

Strong shears

ego will invoice ya

I wrote this poem below a few weeks ago after a young man talked to me quite recklessly. I save my energy these days choosing peaceful silence and a pen. I took an L that day honestly. The lesson for me was to value all of who I am and who I am not. In doing that it will become easier to identify and attract higher vibrations. Instead of taking the anger I felt and making a poor choice I turned it into the verses you see below then I let it go. I remember that my feelings, negative or positive, are fuel. Vroom Vroom – *pulls off

As long as I got the Pontiac

My plug ain’t walking

Watch all that sh*t you talking

No more hot boxin’ in Acuras

Gold fangs call me Dracula

On my peaceful sh*t not attacking ya

But I’m still human so watch that mouth or I’m slapping ya

Don’t touch me with that energy

I’m not feeling it

Imma have to invoice ya if you want me healin’ it

Ain’t sh*t free

Brotha you gonna have to pay me

You seem saltier then a saltine

At all this queenly femininity

Serving dope vibes all through YO City

Sitting pretty like a titty

Connected and protected

Growing stronger even when disrespected

I am

I am

I am

The newness of now

“Ain’t no more repeats,” I say honestly. My dad laughs because he understands the depth of my desire to break this pattern of going backwards.

I’m not beating myself up just resting in honest awareness.

What is done is done.

We had then. We did.



I take a moment to laugh too. But, I’m as serious as a nervous breakdown; ain’t no more repeats.

I want new… everything… in the now.

No rush though, it feels good to rest in the empty space that releasing has created.

New thoughts, feelings, patterns, understandings, and it goes on…

I don’t even care for vintage, the material past, as I once did. The only way I will even indulge in vintage anything is if it crosses my path organically and can be reworked into something that matches the energy of who I am… now.

Everything is everything.

Old shoes or old patterns – no matter – y’all all gotta go.

Nostalgia does not do it for me anymore either- maybe it never did- but that’s neither here nor….now.


Now is all I want my mind, body, and soul to be concerned with.

Now is all we have.

I am in true love with the present moment – like a deep multi sensory unconditional till death do us part kind of way.

All the thoughts, feelings, and moments of being feel vibrant regardless of their frequency.


Ain’t no more repeats.

Lauren, Oro, and Ava

I people watch in the park.

I saw these fly young ladies.

I couldn’t help but want to be them a little.



In touch with nature,




full of potential…

Wait- What?




I am what I attract?

I am what I see in the world?

I am but a reflection?

I am?

Who am I?

Am I fly too?

Am I the ugly I see?






All of it is beautiful.

All of us are beautiful.

Ugly Beautiful.

Beautiful Ugly.

Independent film.

I am?

Just am?

I don’t know.


I just am.

’Cause they are.

I am.

I am Oro.

I am Lauren.

I am Ava.



I am me.


I people watch in the park.

Saw me in some fly young ladies.

We Am.