Presidental Love

Dear reflection

If there was an election

I would cast my vote for you

The way you love me is presidental, monumental

Deep diving in love songs you play just for me

Self love, my favorite glove protecting me inside and out

Dear reflection

If there was an election

I would cast my vote for you

Love, Yourself


Diversity = Evolution
Written by Agnes Denes [Pen and ink on paper (1978)] Data Source:   Smithsonian American Art Museum

 I am diverse.

I am diverse in the thoughts that I think,

the prayers that I pray,

the clothes that I wear,

the company that I keep,

the environments I occupy.

I strive for diversity in many aspects of my life.

Diversity aids in the cultivation of my own evolution.

Self evolution begins in the mind.

I am diverse in the thoughts that I think,

the prayers that I pray,

the clothes that I wear,

the company that I keep,

the environments I occupy.

I embrace diversity in many forms because there is power in diversity.

There’s power, strength, wisdom, and love in the unification and inclusion of individuals and ideas that are diverse in nature.

Wake up to diversity in all things.

You are diverse.

We are diverse.

I am diverse.


The Birth of an Idea

I’ve given birth  many times but I have no children.

I give birth to ideas.

During the right life experience, visual, physical, mental,and emotional sensations  shoot through my mind touching all the right spots causing an orgasm of thought.

This union of myself and life experience spark creation and the seed of an idea is planted.

I begin to feel my idea growing inside the womb of my mind. I nourish it with information and love. I crave silence and chamomile tea. There are sleepless nights and occasionally I am irritable.

 Then I give birth.

Pushing, Praying, Painting, Poems, Pottery, Photos


My idea is born.

This little creation will one day be my big idea. As it grows I must remember to have no expectations – I will simply guide it.

Although it is my idea, this creation still has a destiny, a journey, and a purpose all of its own.

I am a woman.

Through me life passes.

So it feels quite natural to birth ideas and give you all life.

I’ve given birth many times but I have no children.


Painting Information:
Hananian Harari (1912-2000)
The Beauty Parlor (1937)
Oil on canvas 
Photo courtesy of: T.R.

Little brown ego

I’ve been thinking a lot about my ego and the way it shows up and informs my thoughts and behaviors.

This facial expression belongs to my ego. lol
This facial expression belongs to my ego. lol

My first thought was how to get rid of it. But, after doing some reading about what the ego is, I came to an understanding of my ego and its purpose.  I realized that vanquishing my ego isn’t really necessary.   Coming to this understanding made me want to love on my ego. So often the best response is: just show love.

I imagine that my ego is an angry scared little brown girl that looks just like me. She is trying to navigate a reality that is constantly telling her who she is, what she should do, who she should be with, and where she should be. Being bombarded with all those directives can be frustrating and confusing. She is attempting to perceive this world from place of anger and fear. Damn.  So, I wrote her a letter.

Dear Little brown ego,

I love you. Our higher self is here. God is here. We are in the present moment. We are grateful. You can do whatever you want. You do not have to stick to the same old patterns. You are not bound by tradition or the advice of people who don’t know you or the truth within your spirit. I love you ego. Thank you for reminding me of who I am not. Thank you for pushing me to be present.

Love, Me

I have let go of my expectations of my ego. I simply guide her sometimes angry ass to more peaceful patterns.  Often times I just get really silent and turn my energy off; anger and fear need energy to persist.  I imagine myself hugging her until the hurt, lies, negative perception, and fear melt and then I step back and just let her be.

 We are free Little brown ego.  We are free.


Photos courtesy of : DC Moody

Good Read on the ego:   

Make Light of the Darkness

darkness noun \ dahrk-nis

: (4) lack of knowledge or enlightenment

luminous adjective \ loo-muh-nuhs

:(3) brilliant intellectually; enlightened or enlightening, as a writer or a writer’s works


I spent a lot of time in darkness, cloaked in fear choosing to be there simply because I didn’t believe in my own light. I had forgotten that this awesome beautiful light that God placed inside of me was capable of illuminating even the darkest spaces/moments.

I will remind you as I have been reminded: When darkness descends that is when your light is the strongest. That is when other lights will emerge as if from nowhere to enLIGHTen your path providing exactly what the Creator knew you needed while preparing you to do the same for another when the time comes. There in the darkness is where you earn your wisdom, strength, patience, and courage. There in the darkness is where spiritual muscle is built. Our light makes the lessons of the darkness clear. So open your heart, look for the illumination and believe in your own.

We must not fear the darkness because we are luminous.


*All definitions courtesy of   I ♥ the dictionary.

*Second photo courtesy of