Moral Kombat

Sometimes the truth feels like a swift judo chop to the throat.


But, there is freedom in the judo chop of truth.




I used to walk on eggshells

Then I got anxious, angry, and lost my balance

Stomp stomp

Clomp Clomp

Damn all those eggshells

Then all that stomping made me tired and sad

Looking around I realized that it wasn’t the place for me

We deserve unshakable peace and healthy love

So I walked away from all those eggshells

Self preservation of mind body and soul

I used to walk on eggshells

I got Angels bihhh

You watch her not realizing they are watching you

Protected and connected by the seen and unseen

You watch him not realizing they are watching you

Protected and connected by the seen and unseen

Today’s Mantra: I’ve got Angels- I am safe.

Black Leather Verses

She pulled her black leather converses from the back of her closet.

She dusted them off and turned them over in her hands as she thought about where they had been.

She thought about where she was at this moment and where she wanted to go.

“Book the flight.” they seemed to say.

She was- but not at this moment.

Here and now she put them on and took a walk through her neighborhood and reveled in her own vibrations.

Stack Stack Stack

Pack Pack Pack

Writer’s Note: Alexa play Window Seat by my Auntie

Also: This is not about coming to see you. Goofy.

Rise up

You taught me to face my past and release it or be damned to keep repeating it

He rose

She rose

I rise

Rocks thrown in judgement and heavy crosses may break our bodies but never our spirits

She rose

They rose

I rise

The people are still rising and realizing

May we remember that our spirits are unbreakable even as devils try our fly and tell us lies

Protected and connected we are

Keep rising