In due time

Karl Friedrich Schinkel, 1847-49

Edge of darkness

Rim of light

There she stood

The lotus opens

A symphony of pink and green

She climbed the stars

Blew a kiss to Mars and back flipped into God’s lap

She’d be back in divine time

Edge of darkness

Rim of light

There she stands


supa celestial love

1/21/2019 2:18am

Dear Moon,

My hands are freezing but I do not want to go inside. From your bright light, I can not hide. No need to lie, I love you, we all know it’s true. The way you move through the sky as you do…. oh… girl- I love you. I stutter, stop and stammer as you light up my life. Recharged I feel as I heal. This love – this love is real.

Thank you Lovely Luna.


A celestial student