Intergalactic Ghanaian Queen, 2017

I painted this two years ago.

Ghanaian Queen came to me in a dream

I begged her to take me with her

She laughed and kissed my tears

My darling Adjua I am in your heart

I am

Writer’s Note: If this piece speaks to you and you would like gaze upon it in real time forever please send me an email at for pricing. I wanted to give away my garage art but my “manager” said hell no. *laughs

I am literally back at the drawing board and am not creating any larger works at this time. The universe has blessed me with opportunity to learn from a dynamic artist and my focus has been figuring out who I am as artist and increasing my skill level. I have a lot to learn… I always will.


DJC, the prototype

I dance to this at midnight allowing myself 4 minutes and 2 seconds to wish your heart was still beating.

When the song stops I sit in silence and ask my angels to give you a kiss for me and then I let you go again.

Sitting in silence I bring myself back to the present. I have now and the lessons your true love left me.

Thank you and feel free to help me out down here when you have a moment- tell Dilla I said heyyyyyyy and hug Auntie A for me. * Laughs

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True Reminders

True love has no opposite. – Eckhart Tolle

I put my hand over my heart and say this randomly throughout the day.

It soothes my inner warrior.

Reminds me of my true essence…

Reminds me to love other’s at every phase- but in some cases from a safe distance just like the moon I gaze at on a nightly… True love from a distance …

True love has no opposite.

I put my hand over my heart and say this randomly throughout the day.

Reminds me that I already have so much true love in my life already – thank you times 7…

Reminds me that I have a lot of true love to give…

Reminds me to keep a light on in my heart for true love of the romantic variety because it is on its way …

True Love reminds me.