Silent Retreat

Sketch, me

retreating into silence

leaving it all behind

i wait patiently for my soul to speak

my spirit has God on the mainline

i soothe my uncertainties and fortify my foundation with faith

messages flow in

blessings rain down

prayers of thanks go up

i am listening

receiving in the silence

thank you

Give Me Strength

Dimensions dimensions grow with our intentions intentions

The warrior Queen took a knee in the forest of forever

Images of children wounded by systems that didn’t understand them plagued her mind

She took a deep breathe and touched the golden mustard seed she wore around her neck as a reminder of the Creator’s promise

Standing up in strength in the forest of forever the archangels covered her in faith

She headed back into battle

Built for this she was

Dimensions dimensions grow with our intentions intentions

3 lights in a dark house




Somehow the tribe survived 




Somehow the tribe thrived

Writer’s note: Some Earthlings create from the deep chasms of pain they have experienced here in this dimension, turning ugliness into golden beauty.  In creating they are healing themselves and those around them. (The alchemy of art is everything.) Creating to elevate. We are okay and healing takes time.