Cut up the Music and the Gratitude? Thanks-

I was feeling a bit overwhelmed by the energy of the present moment whirring of my thoughts and I felt my mood shifting. So I stopped to make a gratitude list of whatever popped in my mind.  I tend to find once I start it just flows. Vibration raised. *big sigh falls backwards into bliss

I am grateful for people who except their calling.

I am grateful for the term “movers and shakers”- It makes me think of two old ladies doing the twist.

I am grateful for pillows.

I am grateful for Pap smears. 

I am grateful for understanding and loving “strangers”.

I am grateful for the ability to emote.

I am grateful for the sounds the waves make.

I am grateful for the tap tap that my phone makes when I text messages.

I am grateful for being here.

I am grateful for messages of love.

I am grateful for hearing.

I am grateful for tattoos and stretch marks.

I am grateful for fear as it reminds me to be brave and tap into my inner self as well as my support systems.

I am grateful for myself.

I am grateful for Tracee Ellis Ross and the Lyricist Lounge show.

I am grateful for 30 min barre classes on the YouTube.

I am grateful for my beautiful silver hairs.

I am grateful that I’ve accepted my silver hairs.

I am grateful for rented cars and the car I own.

I am grateful for the messy faces of children who finally want to eat and feed themselves.

I am grateful for chipped nail polish, it reminds me I’m not perfect.

I am grateful for spiderwebs and chicken tenders.

I am grateful for hard truths from soft loving voices.

I am grateful for self compassion.

I am grateful for laughter.

I am grateful for laughter.

I am grateful for laughter.

I am grateful.


Maintain and Cultivate

The late blooming wild flower could not be rushed. She moved in God’s time.

When we take the time and energy to cultivate love and positivity within ourselves we must remember to never allow anyone to fuck up our garden.

The late blooming wall flower could not be crushed. Angels protected her gold mine/mind.

Love and compassion for the Women (big and small)

My brother sent me this link at 6:25am right after my 5:45 yoga class. He’s always so right on time. *Laughs

I needed to laugh and smile.

My alignment was off for various reasons. It’s been a long beautiful yet trying week. I’m growing and facing truths and sometimes it is uncomfortable.

I realize that I have to exercise a lot more self-compassion and I’m so thankful for the people in my life who take the time to listen to me, understand me, and offer me kindness and compassion.

I am thankful that I listen to me and understand me.

I have to remember to focus on the healthy love and relationships in my life.

There is no space or time for anything else.

*watches clip again

It’s so beautiful to see/hear a man take the time to understand a little woman’s feelings rational or irrational then aid her in moving through them by asking her what she needs/wants.

It would have been easy to attack, defend, or invalidate her feelings but something higher was chosen.

That’s beautiful. That’s what we deserve to give to ourselves and to others and to receive from others.

My brother sent me this link at 6:25am right after my 5:45am yoga class. He’s always so right on time.

Yes God.