Governing Body

I take that whole govern yourself accordingly shit seriously.

I know that my present moment responses will directly affect my future…

I move slower than my patience can handle sometimes – but I see the lesson in this too; I am building patience muscle.

My slow movement is so that I can give myself time to think and feel and then move deeper than those thoughts and feelings because inspired action infused with love comes from somewhere deeper- somewhere more in line with who God created us to be.

I know that it will get easier and more automatic to respond from a higher vibration place no matter who or what I encounter.

Mind still

Body still

Spirit move

Govern yourself accordingly Tiffany and remember you are supported.

Connected and protected


The newness of now

“Ain’t no more repeats,” I say honestly. My dad laughs because he understands the depth of my desire to break this pattern of going backwards.

I’m not beating myself up just resting in honest awareness.

What is done is done.

We had then. We did.



I take a moment to laugh too. But, I’m as serious as a nervous breakdown; ain’t no more repeats.

I want new… everything… in the now.

No rush though, it feels good to rest in the empty space that releasing has created.

New thoughts, feelings, patterns, understandings, and it goes on…

I don’t even care for vintage, the material past, as I once did. The only way I will even indulge in vintage anything is if it crosses my path organically and can be reworked into something that matches the energy of who I am… now.

Everything is everything.

Old shoes or old patterns – no matter – y’all all gotta go.

Nostalgia does not do it for me anymore either- maybe it never did- but that’s neither here nor….now.


Now is all I want my mind, body, and soul to be concerned with.

Now is all we have.

I am in true love with the present moment – like a deep multi sensory unconditional till death do us part kind of way.

All the thoughts, feelings, and moments of being feel vibrant regardless of their frequency.


Ain’t no more repeats.

Fuel to move

My adventure-filled day usually begins at the local supermarket.

I do my best to choose foods that will energize me and that are gentle on my budget.

I have fire ass days on $20 or less.


It’s deeper than dollars out here you just have to look.

Hope your day is full of presence and that you read something that feeds your consciousness in a healthy way.

This is a good one (link below) but you don’t have to take my word for it. * Reading Rainbow voice

Hertz dispelling Hurt

Bathing in a sea of sound

She got lost in the beat

Changing in a way you could never see

Float on

Flow on

Light on

Washed away in the best way

Amplified by this electrical musical ride

The hertz dispelling the hurt

Vibrate on

Vacillate on

Love on

She got found in the beat

Bathing in a sea of sound

Writer’s Note: been swimmin’ in my heart lately – some late spring cleaning – makin’ space for some new shit…laughs

Love is / Love isn’t

I put my mental, physical, spiritual, and financial health first. Unapologetically.

I am honest about what I can and can not handle and I say no to carrying anyone’s burdens or stresses.

This does not make me weak.

When things seem overwhelming I take a moment to check in with God and myself reaching out to my support system if I need to.

I am not perfect by any stretch of the imagination and I release guilt for not always handling things “perfectly”.

I surround myself with unconditional genuine love and I thank God for it.

I have all that need.

Thank you.

The stars and God

He was God sent.

Aware of her imperfections, he could never place her on a pedestal because she was too beautifully human to be pressured with perfection.

Laughing at her mad face he squeezed her anxiety away with a tight hug. She just wanted some quality attention and in spite of her words, he knew her intentions. They showed in her actions.

He reminded her to put herself first and never missed an opportunity to thank her for being herself especially as she quietly cared for others with love in her heart.

She was far from perfect, full of passion, and sometimes not very patient. But he knew what he knew and he felt what he felt; she was God sent too.