Storm King Art Center

I visited Storm King Art Center yesterday. It was divine. The sculptures made me think a lot about proportion and perspective. I felt tiny standing in the open fields with the massive art and large and infinite within. Balance. Perspective. Proportion.  I felt the bigness of the ideas of those artists. Every vista was visually illuminating. We are all deserving of beautiful space to create.   As I waited for the bus at the end of the day I watched the leaves fall -performance art. *Laughs Below are a few pictures and the link to the Storm King Art Center. Sidenote: Aziz Ansari’s Master of None, season 2 episode nine 9 featured this museum. Check that out too if you didn’t already binge watch it the day after it came out. I love that show.


Art by: Ursula von Rydingsvard-Luba; Alyson Shotz- Mirror Fence; Zhang Huan- Three Legged Buddha; Tal Streeter; Endless Column; Heather Hart- Outlooks; Andy Goldsworthy- Storm King Wall; Menashe Kadishman; Suspended


I think I’m losing my mind Jimmy
Art calls out to me louder than a ratchet late-night prowling outside the club
I think I’m losing my mind
Every song is apart of the soundtrack to the independent films I write in my head
All my emotions are punctuated with exclamation points
Inspiring me to write paint … drink wine
I think I’m losing my mind Jimmy
I find beauty in backstreets and on the curves of rusty ass bikes
I ask strangers to repeat phrases because sometimes I’m in disbelief – is this a fucking movie?
I think I’m losing my mind
But maybe this is apart of the plan
To lose my mind and find my heart – my art –
I think I’m losing my mind Jimmy
Fuck it
Let’s get lost