Spirit of Teena


Laying in the bed listening to Teena Marie
Wondering if he is the man for me
How many ways can love set me free?
Girl- you already free said Teena Marie
Free to be you
Focus on what you gotta do
It ain’t him
Don’t be out here on a limb
Free yo’ self
Step up off that shelf
Manifest some wealth
Increase yo’ health
Do you hear me?
You are magic
Yo’ shit ain’t tragic
Beautiful girl
This is yo’ world
Don’t you cry or even sigh
Get up!
We are on yo’ side
Girl- you are already free laughed Teena Marie

photo via – Pinterest


I think I’m losing my mind Jimmy
Art calls out to me louder than a ratchet late-night prowling outside the club
I think I’m losing my mind
Every song is apart of the soundtrack to the independent films I write in my head
All my emotions are punctuated with exclamation points
Inspiring me to write paint … drink wine
I think I’m losing my mind Jimmy
I find beauty in backstreets and on the curves of rusty ass bikes
I ask strangers to repeat phrases because sometimes I’m in disbelief – is this a fucking movie?
I think I’m losing my mind
But maybe this is apart of the plan
To lose my mind and find my heart – my art –
I think I’m losing my mind Jimmy
Fuck it
Let’s get lost