The newness of now

“Ain’t no more repeats,” I say honestly. My dad laughs because he understands the depth of my desire to break this pattern of going backwards.

I’m not beating myself up just resting in honest awareness.

What is done is done.

We had then. We did.



I take a moment to laugh too. But, I’m as serious as a nervous breakdown; ain’t no more repeats.

I want new… everything… in the now.

No rush though, it feels good to rest in the empty space that releasing has created.

New thoughts, feelings, patterns, understandings, and it goes on…

I don’t even care for vintage, the material past, as I once did. The only way I will even indulge in vintage anything is if it crosses my path organically and can be reworked into something that matches the energy of who I am… now.

Everything is everything.

Old shoes or old patterns – no matter – y’all all gotta go.

Nostalgia does not do it for me anymore either- maybe it never did- but that’s neither here nor….now.


Now is all I want my mind, body, and soul to be concerned with.

Now is all we have.

I am in true love with the present moment – like a deep multi sensory unconditional till death do us part kind of way.

All the thoughts, feelings, and moments of being feel vibrant regardless of their frequency.


Ain’t no more repeats.