Black Leather Verses

She pulled her black leather converses from the back of her closet.

She dusted them off and turned them over in her hands as she thought about where they had been.

She thought about where she was at this moment and where she wanted to go.

“Book the flight.” they seemed to say.

She was- but not at this moment.

Here and now she put them on and took a walk through her neighborhood and reveled in her own vibrations.

Stack Stack Stack

Pack Pack Pack

Writer’s Note: Alexa play Window Seat by my Auntie


Firm Warning ‘cause I love you Woman

Dear my queen,

Disconnect from neglect

Have some self respect

Before I come at his neck


the warrior queen

Hocus Focus

It’s not hocus pocus

She simply changed her focus

Pulling down her mask, she got back to the task



She keeps building in the silence

Staying far from their violence

Abundantly releasing

Her blessings keep increasing

It’s not hocus pocus

She simply changed her focus

*blasts off in spaceship