Maybe baby

Maybe I’m a bit overprotective of my peace of mind and my time.


Maybe not.


More and More

God bless the children and God bless the kings and queens who uplift them.

Adam and Eve 6000 (FICTIONAL)

Dear Adam 6000,

As a little girl I believed the story of two loves created for one another by an ultimate Creator, divided by time and poor choices. Distracted by serpents and manazanas…

I have been waiting for you a long time.

So here I am. Here we are. I always knew that you would find me and I’m glad it didn’t take another lifetime. I believe our angels are exhausted because damn are we hardheaded. But God is greater than any trauma we created and we pulled blessings from every lesson.

So here we are. I asked God to send me a sign that it was you; a musical one.

Twice while driving through the city beautiful you played this song.

When I was little girl and this came on the radio it felt like the best day. I was usually with my Dad when I heard it. He used to drive this Buick Regal, sparkly blue with trill rims. I remember him singing “Feel what I feel when I’m feeling” with a big smile on his face, I remember the sky, and I remember smiling too. Riding through Fayetteville with him and listening to music were the best days. I also remember laying on the floor listening to this song in front of a window and feeling like the sunshine was moving through me. I feel as if I can’t completely find the words to explain to you that this song is very special to me. I never searched for it or played it often. I just enjoyed it when I heard it. It’s one of those songs I sing hard as heaven when nobody is around. It’s a song that my inner child and I agree on fully.

I never told you any of this.

The third time you played it we were both slow bopping and you casually said, “I always think of you when I hear this song.” I have no clue where we were driving to, what we had on or even what day it was all I remember are these words and the way they felt when you said them. “I always think of you when I hear this song.”

“Why?” I asked.

“Because you are the sunshine and this is my life in it,” you responded.

What more confirmation could I ever need? I square to Bob I heard God laugh.

I hope that we never forget how cosmic our pairing is. It’s no coincidence almost all of our planets live in the same houses. *smiles I’ll explain later.

I have been waiting for you a long time.

*holds out hand

Leap with me.

Always, Eve 6000


”Mannn, if you don’t go sit yo’ ass down somewhere and relax.”

Pow pow pow

Now now now

Impatience feels like the bullets of a BB gun sometimes

Put on some patience, it’s bulletproof

Pow pow pow

Simply appreciate where you are

Now now now

Diamond like Love


Their love was made of diamonds so she could wait for him and he could wait for her…
I think that I have made love much harder than it needs to be. Listening to voices that weren’t my own. Not understanding what love really is. Even being too hard on myself and him too.
Its been a rough couple of months. Showtime show worthy. The memory that often brings me back to center is of him holding me and me feeling safe enough to sleep.
Maybe that’s love. Love holds on to you securely even when you have lost your mind and patiently waits for you to find your way back.
I have a love like that. I do. But I’ve got to make sure that I can evenly exchange. I must love myself in a strong secure unwavering way. I believe I do.
He tells me he’s not going anywhere. It seems that neither am I.
Their love was made of diamonds so she could wait for him and he could wait for her…
August I am waiting.