Burn it Down Beautiful | It’s a New Year

Expectation burned hot on the back of my throat

Melted away intentionally with the Vick’s like vapors of optimism and blind faith I rubbed all over myself

It was time to heal and to believe in something more

Something real

Ambition radiated off my being

Anticipation of the new days and adventures to come wake me up earlier and keep me up later

The last few embers of the burning expectation give way to the warm coming of new words

New worlds

I am lit and this is only the beginning





I think I’m losing my mind Jimmy
Art calls out to me louder than a ratchet late-night prowling outside the club
I think I’m losing my mind
Every song is apart of the soundtrack to the independent films I write in my head
All my emotions are punctuated with exclamation points
Inspiring me to write paint … drink wine
I think I’m losing my mind Jimmy
I find beauty in backstreets and on the curves of rusty ass bikes
I ask strangers to repeat phrases because sometimes I’m in disbelief – is this a fucking movie?
I think I’m losing my mind
But maybe this is apart of the plan
To lose my mind and find my heart – my art –
I think I’m losing my mind Jimmy
Fuck it
Let’s get lost