The stars and God

He was God sent.

Aware of her imperfections, he could never place her on a pedestal because she was too beautifully human to be pressured with perfection.

Laughing at her mad face he squeezed her anxiety away with a tight hug. She just wanted some quality attention and in spite of her words, he knew her intentions. They showed in her actions.

He reminded her to put herself first and never missed an opportunity to thank her for being herself especially as she quietly cared for others with love in her heart.

She was far from perfect, full of passion, and sometimes not very patient. But he knew what he knew and he felt what he felt; she was God sent too.

Love and compassion for the Women (big and small)

My brother sent me this link at 6:25am right after my 5:45 yoga class. He’s always so right on time. *Laughs

I needed to laugh and smile.

My alignment was off for various reasons. It’s been a long beautiful yet trying week. I’m growing and facing truths and sometimes it is uncomfortable.

I realize that I have to exercise a lot more self-compassion and I’m so thankful for the people in my life who take the time to listen to me, understand me, and offer me kindness and compassion.

I am thankful that I listen to me and understand me.

I have to remember to focus on the healthy love and relationships in my life.

There is no space or time for anything else.

*watches clip again

It’s so beautiful to see/hear a man take the time to understand a little woman’s feelings rational or irrational then aid her in moving through them by asking her what she needs/wants.

It would have been easy to attack, defend, or invalidate her feelings but something higher was chosen.

That’s beautiful. That’s what we deserve to give to ourselves and to others and to receive from others.

My brother sent me this link at 6:25am right after my 5:45am yoga class. He’s always so right on time.

Yes God.