No words / Just Breathe

She Nose, 2019

deep breathes keep me alive

i close my eyes



no words required

just deep breathes and the awareness of now

thank you


I used to walk on eggshells

Then I got anxious, angry, and lost my balance

Stomp stomp

Clomp Clomp

Damn all those eggshells

Then all that stomping made me tired and sad

Looking around I realized that it wasn’t the place for me

We deserve unshakable peace and healthy love

So I walked away from all those eggshells

Self preservation of mind body and soul

I used to walk on eggshells

Love and compassion for the Women (big and small)

My brother sent me this link at 6:25am right after my 5:45 yoga class. He’s always so right on time. *Laughs

I needed to laugh and smile.

My alignment was off for various reasons. It’s been a long beautiful yet trying week. I’m growing and facing truths and sometimes it is uncomfortable.

I realize that I have to exercise a lot more self-compassion and I’m so thankful for the people in my life who take the time to listen to me, understand me, and offer me kindness and compassion.

I am thankful that I listen to me and understand me.

I have to remember to focus on the healthy love and relationships in my life.

There is no space or time for anything else.

*watches clip again

It’s so beautiful to see/hear a man take the time to understand a little woman’s feelings rational or irrational then aid her in moving through them by asking her what she needs/wants.

It would have been easy to attack, defend, or invalidate her feelings but something higher was chosen.

That’s beautiful. That’s what we deserve to give to ourselves and to others and to receive from others.

My brother sent me this link at 6:25am right after my 5:45am yoga class. He’s always so right on time.

Yes God.

Queen of Kwanzaa Amanayea

Woman I miss you around the holidays

I was thinking of that last Christmas

I don’t beat myself up anymore

Now I focus on time spent

Quality over Quantity

But Woman, I am missing you

Slightly out of alignment I cry, then sigh, and release it


Damn I miss you

You were my tradition

Too cool for Santa you waited on Kwanzaa

I don’t ask to be gifted you anymore it creeps them out and Santa doesn’t give out dead aunties anyway

I know that made you laugh

Woman I miss you

You were from my planet

Damn it

These earthlings and their holidays

Woman I miss you

I feel you reminding me that we are still quite connected

We are connected *smiles

Losing you on this earthly plane forced my soul to grow


But damn right now, human me misses human you

Woman I miss you

Writer’s Note: Amanayea J. Abraham was/is unconditional love. She pulled up for her community in way that was real- in a way that was healing. I hope to tell you more about her one day.

Unconditional love is the salve this holiday and every day. Hold on to what’s real to you, what feels good to you.

All that otha shit can git. *extra southern voice

Royal Palm

[found this in an email to myself from 2014]

She rode thru old spaces
Thinking of all those places
The words that fell from faces
Their weight had held her down
Horrified that she would drown
She now realized that  fight she fought
And the fucked up shit it brought
Those actions were the offspring of fear
Amanayea came with the light & made it clear
Fear is Darkness meddling in your mind
Awakened to Truth she put fear’s ass in line
She refused to focus on the fuckedupness of life
the constant replaying of perceived strife
She rode thru old spaces
Thinking of all those places
The words that fell from faces
They were never holding her down-
They were building her up so she could wear the crown