Attempting to shelf me, only interested in my selfie

Selfish selfish 

Your surface level attraction not enough for my satisfaction

“You a selfish ass woman”

You damn right

Not built to make you a believer

I am no Mrs. Clever and this ain’t Leave it to Beaver

Mister – fix it your damn self

My energy is heaven sent and better spent on these babies

I’m teaching them to be selfish 

To say no

To never let a lame impede their flow

To know their truth and not let genetics or kinetics get in the way of their destiny

Infinite evolution in motion

Energetic billionaire with millions of minutes 

Are you just mad cause I won’t spend them on you?

“You a selfish ass woman”

Yup and you can catch these hands just like that fear


Writer’s Note: Been boppin’ to Selfish by Little Simz all am. *laughs like Regine from Living Single  Hit the link and bop with me -selfishly. *sings Cleo Sol’s parts extra loud and dances like a pageant mom “My best friend is I… I’m so selfish.”


Here we are 

Here we are 

Sister nature sat in solitude in the center of my solar plexus 

Nurturing me with golden yellow light 

Her motherly nature a gift from her mother, Nature 

Here we are

Here we are 

Love from your core and let that light pour in more and more 

Here we are 

Here we are

*slow dances in the sunshine

Self Portrait #499

I take many self-portraits. My favorite photographer asked me what I was trying to capture here.

What was I trying to capture?

What did I capture?

In this particular moment I had no where to be, no emails to response to, no disputes to settle, no brainstorming sessions- nothing.

I’m thankful for the responsibilities that I have chosen to take on but damn, it feels good to put it on pause for a moment.

I was remembering to just be. The sunshine was out and the breeze was blowing. Freshly washed and styled hair and my makeup free face amplified deep feelings of clear headedness or the clarity of mind I felt… feel.

Clarity – my favorite kind of charity. *Laughs

The abstract pattern the shadows casted on the wall made me think of my own journey. I am identifying and breaking my own patterns of darkness in efforts to make space and further open my heart to the light, creating my own abstracted pattern of varying hues of internal illumination. They need each other, the rays of light and darkness, for contrast and interest.

It’s my responsibility to manage my inner light and I do, with the help of earthly and heavenly guidance. ( Thank y’all kindly. *smiles wide)

What was I trying to capture here?

What did I capture here?

I captured my wholeness in every sense of the verb.

From the inter webs via The New Oxford American Dictionary

Writer’s Note: I wrote example sentences to each meaning of the word capture- it felt divine and maybe I’ll circle back and share another time. O and yes- Happy Valentine’s Day mothacluckas.

Knowing is Growing

Should they stay or should they go

No need to argue they already know

Must learn to communicate as not to complicate

Killing the sprout with seeds of doubt

They have no more energy not even to shout

Twisted words

Not being heard

Should they stay or should they go

No need to argue they already know

Writer’s Note: Knowledge is power- now what are you going to do with it?

Love and compassion for the Women (big and small)

My brother sent me this link at 6:25am right after my 5:45 yoga class. He’s always so right on time. *Laughs

I needed to laugh and smile.

My alignment was off for various reasons. It’s been a long beautiful yet trying week. I’m growing and facing truths and sometimes it is uncomfortable.

I realize that I have to exercise a lot more self-compassion and I’m so thankful for the people in my life who take the time to listen to me, understand me, and offer me kindness and compassion.

I am thankful that I listen to me and understand me.

I have to remember to focus on the healthy love and relationships in my life.

There is no space or time for anything else.

*watches clip again

It’s so beautiful to see/hear a man take the time to understand a little woman’s feelings rational or irrational then aid her in moving through them by asking her what she needs/wants.

It would have been easy to attack, defend, or invalidate her feelings but something higher was chosen.

That’s beautiful. That’s what we deserve to give to ourselves and to others and to receive from others.

My brother sent me this link at 6:25am right after my 5:45am yoga class. He’s always so right on time.

Yes God.